About Us

AMB Nidhi Limited is launched by Expert Finance Management team members, pioneer in the financial services Industry.

Building The Finest Quality Bank.

About AMB Nidhi

AMB Nidhi Limited is launched by Expert Finance Management team members, pioneer in the financial services Industry. We are recognized under Section 406 of the Companies Act 2013. We are operating under the supervision of Reserve Bank of India,
We accept the deposits, within the framework of norms stipulated by RBI, and are highly secured. The funds mobilized are utilized for the advance of Gold loan to the members.


AMB Values:

People, Integrity, Leadership, Teamwork and Excellence Our values are the fundamentals beliefs and guiding principles of our organization. Our values define who we are.

Team Work:

We Believe in maintaining employer-employee relationships based on open communication. Our team always works with transparency & maintain ethical behavior.


drives us to deliver what we promise and add value beyond the customer expectations. We strive to achieve excellence through keeping an open mind for learning, adopting futuristic technologies.


We value our people – be it our team members or customers. We treat our team members, clients and others with whom we do business with equality, respect, dignity and politeness. People are our biggest asset and we value their development and reward their performance. We are committed towards maintaining a safe working environment that is free from any kind of discrimination, harassment and retaliation.


We believe that Integrity should be at the heart and soul of a company’s culture. We have clear commitment towards achieving professional goals and objectives through ethical conduct of our business.

Future Vision:

Our Goal is to fulfill all public financial needs in order to raise our organization into small bank Covering target with more than 100cr authorized capital within a period of 5years.


our business ethical standards are higher. Ethics is an integral part of everything that we do. We believe that following an ethical behavior results in companies’ growth in both the short and long term.


demands vision, courage and integrity. We believe in leading our clients towards taking apt business decisions, leading our people towards achieving excellence and thought leadership. Teamwork: Effective teamwork requires strong relationships built on the foundation of mutual respect and sharing. We believe that the best business solutions come from working together with our team members and clients.

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