Monthly Income Scheme

Monthly interest scheme is introduced by Amb Nidhi Limited which is a period of time to a certain extent, at competitive rates of interest and with different features to suit the investment needs of individual member.

Monthly Income Scheme Features & Benefits:-

  • MIS is the product where members have to invest upfront, to get the return every month till the end of tenure of the    respective MIS.
  • Attractive and assured Returns.
  • Impeccable services.
  • A wide range of deposits product to choose.
  • Monthly interest will be credited to depositor’s Bank Account, if opted.
60 Months @ 12%
Denomination Amount Monthly Intrest Maturity Value
50,000 5,00 50,000
100,000 1,000 100,000
200,000 2,000 200,000
400,000 4,000 400,000
500,000 5,000 500,000

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