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Backbone Of AMB Nidhi Ltd.

Backbone Of AMB Nidhi Ltd.
AMB Nidhi Ltd. Starts Process With Shareholders & They Are Not Just Our Shareholders They Are Our Family. Increase Value Of Shares Is A Source Of Second Income For Shareholders.
AMB Nidhi Ltd. Is A Fully Organized Firm That Believes In Transparency So That Our Shareholder Can Maintain A Long-Term Relationship. AMB Nidhi Ltd. Maintains A Large Number Of Shareholders Because We Work On MUTUAL BENEFITS Concepts.

Why Invest AMB Nidhi Ltd.?

  •  AMB Nidhi Ltd. works on Doorstep Banking startup. We maintain low cost of infrastructure and works with single branch concept in order to maintain profitability.
  • AMB Nidhi Ltd. works with secure business model we only provide secured loans which leads our org to be financially strong & secure.
  • AMB Nidhi Ltd. only works with housing society concept, where we manage a large number of members by single employees.
  • AMB Nidhi Ltd. takes experts advice before expansion, it reduces financial risk.
  • AMB Nidhi Ltd. maintains reserves equal to or more than the total amount invested by shareholders.
  • AMB Nidhi Ltd. instead of working with corporate it works with members only. So that, max shareholders can be benefited .